Ejaculation happens when a person achieves orgasm. The ejaculate is expelled from a man’s penis and a female’s urethra. In the case of a female, it is just a fluid that comes out. But for a man, it is a whitish, thick fluid as well that houses sperm. It can even happen when people are aroused, the fluid starts coming out of the penis and the vagina and in this case acts as a natural lubricant. Scientists themselves do not fully understand the ejaculation process that females have. There is very limited research on it and how it works. It is indeed considered normal, and many women do experience it. There are two types of ejaculation in females, here they are:

–    The squirting fluid which is usually odourless and colourless, it comes out in large quantities.

–    Ejaculate fluid closely resembles the semen that comes out of a penis and it usually thick and whitish.

The female ejaculate contains fructose in it, which is indeed a form of sugar. This is also present in male sperm and acts as an energy source for the sperm. Many people do not believe that female ejaculation is real, but it is indeed proven to be the case in many females. A study conducted in the year 2014 stated that fluid accumulates in the bladder of the female and when the person is aroused it is expelled through the urethra in the form of ejaculate.

It is actually very normal, and yet you don’t find a lot of people discussing it. The International Society for Sexual Medicine found that 10-50% of women ejaculate during sex; many times this does not happen with orgasm. Many experts have stated that all women who are engaging in either sex or masturbation, experience ejaculation, but they do not notice it. They say that it is possible that they are not aware as the fluid may have gone back into the bladder, rather than leave the body, out the vagina. In another study of over 300 women, 15% of them stated that they ejaculated with most of their orgasms. 55% of them reported they had experienced it at least once in their lives. The female ejaculation includes feeling, what triggers her and also the amount that comes out which indeed varies from person to person.

There are some health benefits that come along with female ejaculation, but researchers have concluded that sex has more advantages. During orgasm, the body releases some pain-relieving hormones that help a lot with leg pain, back pain and headaches. It has been beneficial in reducing menstrual cramps, which have proven to be painful. After a climax, the female body releases a hormone that promotes a night of peaceful sleep.

After considering the above facts, we can state that female ejaculation is indeed genuine and real.


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