Even though all men are more than familiar with their penises and its antics, there is actually more than what meets the eye, when it comes to the dangling part of their bodies. The penis is considered as an evolutionary adaptation, and it has indeed done remarkably well. It is also worth noting that the penis is responsible for all of the men’s pleasurable sensations and also how easily it gets activated. Here are some fascinating facts you didn’t know about your friend down under:

  1. Penises are born ready; your first erection occurs when babies are still inside the womb. Ultrasounds have revealed babies having an erection in there. In many instances, babies are born with erections.
  2. Your penis is actually twice as long as you might think. Many men take solace in the fact that penises are bigger than they look. Half of its length is indeed housed inside the body.
  3. The myth that talks about shoe size are actually an elaborate lie. Basically, it states that if you have big feet, then you have a big penis.
  4. Men usually have 4-5 erections in one night. This usually occurs during REM (random eye movement) sleep. There is no clear analysis as to why this happens, but we can guess it’s helpful in the prevention of bed wetting. Whatever the reasons may be behind nocturnal erections, they can be used to diagnose a man. If a man can sustain an erection while sleeping but can’t get one when he’s awake, this can be linked to psychological issues, rather than physical.
  5. Did you know that even though it does not have a bone in it, it is all possible to break your penis? This commonly occurs during rough sex or vigorous use of the penis. It also happens to men who fall out of bed and land on their penis when they have an erection. This is also known as ‘penile fracture’, and it is unbelievably painful. It is the rupture of fibrous covering of the corpora cavernosa and is the tissue that gets erect when supplied with blood. How to recognize a penile fracture? Well, it’s going to be made pretty evident by the pain, swelling and unsurprisingly- flaccidity. When it happens, there is said to be a cracking or popping sound. Ouch. After treatment, full functions can be restored.
  6. Many men do not have control over when they ejaculate; this is because it doesn’t exactly involve the bran that much. The higher brain does have a little input in the matter, but it is mainly controlled by pleasure glands.
  7. It does not matter if you are a grower or a shower. Some are small, then get big when erect. Some are big, and then get hard during an erection. It doesn’t matter; you actually care about your genital girth more than your partner. A study shows that genital length doesn’t matter as long as it is average or just above average.


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