There are very few industries world where women have absolute dominance. Some of those industries include porn and escorts. On the whole sex, the industry is dominated by the women as they have high demand when compared to men and they are also paid higher than men.

There was a time when actually the word escort revolved very much around women. But now even men have started to become escorts, and technically they are referred to as gigolos. In this article, we will see the essential qualities to be a good gigolo.

Good body

It is a fact that most of the gigolos are booked by older women. They are either divorced, or they have not been sexually satisfied. One of the things that they will expect in their sex partner is a good body. A properly maintained body is mandatory for a gigolo. Make sure that you do not have any extra fat. If you have a sculpted body, there are good possibilities that you will have a good client base. It is a common thing that women love men who have a perfectly shaped body. If it happens to be their sex partner, they will be really happy. If you have a good body and if you are planning to be a gigolo there are a lot of Escort agency Vacancies.


The next thing that a gigolo must have is confidence. It is not a characteristic feature that is loved by women, but it also helps you to perform better. It is a well-known fact that lack of confidence will definitely have a negative impact on the performance. Whatever move that you do make sure that you do it with absolute confidence. It does not matter whether it is right or wrong.

Treat her well

The way you treat your clients is very important. It is important to treat your clients in the right way. When we say treating in the right way, it means to behave like a gentleman, not be submissive. It does not matter how you behave with women in the real world. Portraying yourself as a guy who behaves properly with women will definitely fetch you some brownie point that might reflect in your tip. If they demand you to be submissive, then be one if not maintain a perfect gentlemanly behaviour. Search for Adult work in Birmingham to get a better idea in this particular matter.

Various other sex skills

Not just being gigolo, any job for that matter a specific set of skills. Some of the skills that you need to master are lasting longer in bed, preparing your mindset to do whatever the clients ask for even if you are not comfortable with it, know the science behind sex to give the clients ultimate satisfaction and a lot of other things.


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