Escorts in Italy

Escorts in Italy have become a very popular profession in recent years. In particular escort Torino are gaining popularity like no others. There are many reasons for this, but the main one is that in Italy they are considered to be a form of art. The mafia, which is a criminal society has created an image of itself as being in the business of brothels and they have their own women who are known as “escorts”. These women are used to picking up clients from the airport, or wherever they may be traveling to. There is nothing wrong with this except that they do not work in any capacity as a police officer.

It was in 1980 when the law was changed in Italy regarding the charging and criminalization of anyone that was engaged in the business of prostitution. This made it more difficult for those that were engaged in the activity to run their businesses legally. This meant that these women were no longer nameless but had a legal name that was attached to them. Nowadays, these same escorts are known simply as “escorts” in Italy.

This change was in no way negative towards the men that visit these exotic places for a massage or to have a great time. It was simply that the mafia controlled most of the nightlife in Italy at that time and most of the mafia style brothels were in operation. It was very difficult for women that were considered “escorts” to find employment or to even live alone because of the stigma attached to the word. Now, even “escorts” have access to luxury services such as massage services and beautiful women that they can go to for a night or two. Since this started, there has been an increase in the number of people that are trying to make money through these brothels.

Although in the beginning these brothels were strictly for the benefit of the mafia, since they were shut down they have provided accommodation for people that have been displaced due to the legalized sex industry. These people are mostly from Africa, Latin America and Asia and although many of them are prostitutes, many are normal girls that are trying to earn an income. So in Italy you can find Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean and even Indian prostitution working out side of the brothels.

The majority of Italian hookers are from a poor background and would not feel comfortable offering a free erotic massage to someone that they will not get paid for. They usually work for very little money and are desperate to find a client. Even so, the demand for the services of escorts in Italy is increasing. Most of these women are not really seasoned, but are only hookers to make a quick buck. Some of them are even having problems with their family life and are looking for some quick cash that will allow them to start over and become a better person.

If you want to make sure that the women you see are not prostitutes, you can always try to avoid contacting them directly. The Internet is a great place to start because there are websites designed to let people create profiles about themselves so that they can be contacted. Most of these online services will allow you to contact the real ladies of the Italian brothels. If all else fails, you could always keep an eye out for any news about an upcoming festival in Italy or a concert by an Italian singer. Most of the time the girls who work as prostitutes in Italy are not even Italian, but they travel from country to country in search of fame and fortune.


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