In the early 20th century, escort girls in Germany were a lucrative and legal industry. Before the First World War, German law prohibited sex work and made women who were in the sex trade pay taxes. This meant they could receive employment benefits and health insurance. These practices were illegal but the Nazi Party wanted to eradicate them. The STD Act of 1927 made prostitution legal and decriminalized it, but there is still a stigma associated with it.

The German government attempted to reform the industry, but the reality is far different. Before the reform of 2001, sex workers mainly operated in their own apartments and grouped with other women. Nowadays, they work in luxurious country houses known as FKK-Sauna-Clubs. Entrance fees for both men and women are the same, and the sex workers are not paid for the service. They are paid for their services in advance and given drugs to improve their performance.

The German government has taken measures to curb human trafficking and has cracked down on pimps who recruit sex workers from Eastern Europe and make them work in brothels and bars. This has helped to reduce the sex scene, but police have no control over the industry. In many cases, sex workers are forced to work in private homes because their passports are seized. The customers are not even required to check the citizens of the sex workers.

Before the reform, Escort Berlin in upmarket areas operated in their own apartments with a small number of other women. Today, they operate in luxurious country houses called FKK-Sauna-Clubs, where men and women pay the same entrance fees, which include drinks and meals. Some sex workers have opened their own business. This practice is illegal in Germany and the government hopes that the new rules will help combat human trafficking.

It is illegal for prostitutes to advertise in Germany. The ban on advertising was lifted in 2002, but pimps and brothel owners didn’t enforce the law. Now, they can advertise their services. Fortunately, the laws in Germany are fairly liberal, and there are countless opportunities for prostitutes. Despite the legalities and the lack of control over the sex industry, Germany’s escort girls are an unregulated industry.

Despite the laws against prostitution in Germany, the criminals continue to exploit the sex industry in the country. In fact, the majority of these women are underage and not allowed to work as a prostitute. They are forced to stay in brothels and do prostitution. In addition, they are often forced to give up their earnings. These young women are vulnerable and need protection, so it is vital to be careful when seeking an escort girl.


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